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Arya Strark’s hit list


Skyfall cinematography

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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6:33am, 6:33pm.

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Attending meetings at work that are over my head




oswra, Untitled, 2014

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I do this thing where every time I get dressed I make myself get completely naked, and look at myself in the mirror, before putting on the change of clothes.

Don’t misinterpret this for confidence; I loathe every inch of my body. But this is my way to maybe one day loathe my body a little less. Maybe one day I’ll find an inch to love, and then another, and another.

Sideshave love!

I will go there
And back again

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Martha Wash - who you may know as the voice behind “It’s Raining Men,” “Gonna Make You Sweat” and “Strike It Up” - spoke with us about how she went from being a bullied victim to an industry pioneer. Read our interview and watch her sing her most famous hooks.



White People: The Middle East is so barbaric. They’ll cut off a person’s hand just for stealing!

White People when an unarmed black kid is murdered by police in America: Yeah, but he shoplifted some cigarillos, so…

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